Kamloops Dance Academy Teachers

Ginny Lewis F.N.A.T.D


Ginny began her teaching career in England after studying dance from a young age. She immigrated to Canada and after moving to Kamloops, founded Kamloops Dance Academy in 1985. Ginny’s kind and caring nature comes through in all she does and her passion for dance and for teaching is second to none.  Over the thirty years of KDA, Ginny has inspired countless students and mentored several students into teaching qualifications.  She most recently received an award from the National Association of Teachers of Dancing for her dedication.  Ginny teaches in all disciplines and is revered for her expertise and choreography.


Sandi Lewis F.N.A.T.D.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Pointe

Sandi began dancing at the age of 4 on Vancouver Island.  After several years of tap and ballet under the I.S.T.D., Sandi’s family moved to Kamloops when she was 11 and that’s when she found Kamloops Dance Academy and her mentor, Ginny Lewis.  After being a “studio rat” for years, working in the dance shop at the front of the studio and taking as many classes as she could manage, Sandi began to work under Ginny and Mrs. Emmett student teaching.  At 16, she gained her first professional teaching qualification and has since done several teaching exams, making her a Fellow Member of the N.A.T.D. Sandi adores all her “kids” and is passionate not only about teaching dance, but making a difference in the lives of the students that she is fortunate to be able to teach.


Catrina Sinclair M.N.A.T.D

Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre

Cat started out as a competitive gymnast for 6 years when she realized that dancing was her passion. She has been dancing at Kamloops Dance Academy since the age of 12. After returning to KDA in 2006 from Toronto where she was teaching and dancing professionally for two years, she rejoined our team and has been teaching with us for over 12 years. Cat has her teaching certificates in jazz, ballet and hip hop and has been a member of the N.A.T.D since 2001. Her classes are intense, energetic and filled with enthusiasm which brings the best out of her students. Her vast knowledge and effort has single-handedly catapulted our hip hop program bringing many choreography awards and accolades to our studio. She continues to share her passion of dance with her students and helps them follow their dreams.


Liz Ioannidis A.N.A.T.D

Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz

Having started dancing at the age of 3, Liz came to KDA when she was 13 years old after falling in love with the studio over several summer dance camp visits. She instantly became a member of our family and is an integral part of the studio. She quickly started training to be a KDA teacher and has her NATD teaching certifications in Hip Hop, Tap, and is currently training towards her Ballet and Jazz. Liz’s passion for dance, and her memorable personality, comes across through her teaching and is enjoyed by all ages. Her memory is unrivalled and she embodies the KDA way by excelling in her knowledge for many genres of dance. 


Shannon Mitchell A.N.A.T.D

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Conditioning, Hip Hop

Shannon has been dancing since the age of three, training in all styles of dance.  Growing up with KDA as her second home she began student teaching which lead to covering classes and eventually teaching her own.  After auditioning and being accepted to Harbour Dance Centre’s “Intensive Training Program”, she moved to Vancouver to train.   Throughout the year she took classes and learned from industry professionals and enjoyed it immensely but decided to bring what she learned back home.  Shannon enjoys all styles but admires contemporary especially. 


Mikaela Maidment A.N.A.T.D

Jazz and Tap

Mikaela is our newest KDA teacher, but certainly no stranger to our studio.  “Mik” has danced with us from the age of 3 and is most definitely a member of our KDA family.  Mikaela obtained her first teaching qualification in June of 2014 in jazz.  We are happy to add her smiling face to our team this year.


Stacy Kozak M.N.A.T.D

Ballet, Tap 

Stacy has always been a part of the KDA family, having begun her dance career with us at the age of 4.  she started her ballet training under our very own Mrs. Emmett and continuing it under our founder ginny Lewis.  Stacy obtained her membership in ballet under the NATD and has extensive experience in many disciplines.  Stacy is our very own encyclopedia, her knowledge and technique know no bounds an dis an absolute dream to watch.  Her signature quiet gentle teaching style is an asset to our studio.


Nikkita Peters A.N.A.T.D

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Nikkita is an original KDA student, having started her dance life here when she was just 3 years old, being trained under Ginny, Sandi and Cat since then. She began teaching at the age of 16 and her love of dance is shown through her teaching. Nikkita has a fun-loving and energetic character that is a great asset that she brings to class. She thoroughly enjoys all styles of dance, especially Hip Hop and Tap. She began her examination journey with NATD from an early age and achieved teaching certificates in jazz, ballet and hip hop. Her sweet and sensitive style is admired among the children.


Kailah Brewer A.N.A.T.D

Hip Hop, Conditioning

Kailah has been dancing from a very young age at Kamloops Dance Academy.  She obtained her first teaching qualification in jazz through the NATD.  Kailah is very recognizable for her spunk and style and passes her energy on in classes that she teaches. In 2013, Kailah auditioned for and trained at Harbour Dance with the Intensive Training Program, having the opportunity to work under professionals from all over the continent. We are happy to say she’s back “home” and doing what she does best right here at KDA.


Kristen Pickell  A.R.A.D

Pilates and Barre

KDA is happy to add Kristen to our dance family.  Kristen is Cecchetti trained in ballet (Associate) as well as professionally trained in Pilates and Barre (BCRPA certified).  Kristen's dance background includes training at the Alberta Ballet as well as several others and has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Dance from the London Studio Centre in London, England.  Kristen's classes are an excellent addition to your other dance classes, helping improve overall strength and control in your dancing. 


Jennifer Strange A.N.A.T.D

Adult Classes

Jennifer has been dancing in professional dance schools since she was 8 years old. After 32 years of dancing (please don’t do the math!), she has had the opportunity to learn many different styles of dance. In her younger days, Jennifer enjoyed teaching Ukrainian dance and was the head instructor for the Sosna Dancers in Kamloops for 6 years. Jennifer joined the Kamloops Dance Academy (KDA) as a student in 1991. While dancing at the studio, she worked towards her teaching degree and gained a lot of experience teaching with the Sosna Dancers and teaching community jazz and ballet through the YMCA and the city of Kamloops. Jennifer eventually brought her teaching expertise to KDA in 200? and has been teaching adult/teen ballet and jazz classes ever since. Jennifer is known for the strong support and determination she gives her students, and now that she is a mother of two lovely children (tazmanian devils!), she looks forward to getting back to teaching younger kids.